Building Administrators

The information below provides support for building administrators to assist their schools with modifying enrollments, resetting screener data, and reporting.

Reset a Readiness Screener

Explains how to reset screener data for an individual student or for all students in a course.

Support Video

Create a Course Group

Explains how to release screener data to educators not assigned to the courses in the group and are not assigned as building administrators for their school.

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Delta Math Enrollment Management

Link To inQwizIT Data Manager

Supports educators with the building admin role to add new students and educators to a class, change course enrollment for students and educators, create new classes for students and educators, access usernames and passwords, and add/remove educator roles.

Support Video: Add/Remove An Existing Student To A Class

  • Demonstrates how to add or remove a student that has an account in the system for the school district to a class

Support Video: Add A New Student To A Class

  •  Demonstrates how to add a student that is new to the school district and does not yet have an account for the district to a class

Support Video: Add/Remove An Educator To A Class

  • Demonstrates how to add or remove an educator with an account to a class

Support Video: Add A New Educator To A Class

  • If a teacher does not have an account in inQwizIT this video will provide steps on how to create their account and add them to the class they will manage

Support Video: Add A New Class

  • Demonstrates how to create a new class for a school that is not in a school districts student information system

Support Video: Connect Building Admin Role To A School

  • Demonstrates how to connect an educator's building administrator account to a school in inQwizIt 
  • This needs to be done if the educator is signed into inQwizIt and does not have a building name or a state of Michigan entity code on the Courses page  

Support Video: Add A New Educator To The District

  • Demonstrates how to add a new educator to a district and assign the role of Building Admin, Educator, or both to the new account

Support Video: Add/Remove The Building Admin Or Educator Role

  • Demonstrates how to add or remove the building admin role or educator role to an existing educator's account
  • If an educator will assist as a bulding administrator for the program add the building admin role
  • If an educator does not show in the list of educators you would like to add to a class add the educator role to their account

Support Video: Update A Student's Personal Information

  • Demonstrates how to add or change personal information for a such including their state identification number, first name, middle name, last name, birthdate, and grade.

Support Video: Print Staff Usernames And Passwords

  • Demonstrates how to view and print usernames and passwords for educators