Delta Math Kits are now available from the Ottawa Area ISD to support intervention groups of up to 10 students.  Each grade-level kit contains perforated card stock of the guided and independent practice cards for each readiness standard.  Grade-level kits also include mats used for whole number operations, algebraic expressions and equations.     

Additional accessibility tools are available from Math Drawing Tools LLC* to support student mathematical thinking throughout the Concrete/Representational/Abstract instructional approach and build procedural fluency from conceptual understanding. 

Base-ten and algebra tiles include labels to support student math talk while they build to understanding.  Drawing guides for whole numbers and fractions support students within the C/R/A instructional approach as they create math drawings that are neat and organized.   
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Math Intervention Kit

($79.99 - Supports 10 students)

Delta Math Intervenion Kit

Base-Ten Tiles                                                      Algebra Tiles

                          ($74.99 for 10 students - packaged in 5 bags)         

Base-ten tiles    Algebra tiles

Numbers to 20 Drawing Guide                            Base Ten Drawing Guide

($29.90 for 10 Drawing Guides)                                      ($29.90 for 10 Drawing Guides)

Numbers To 20 Drawing Guide                     Base-ten drawing guide

Base Ten with Multiplication                                Fractions Drawing Guide

Drawing Guide

($29.90 for 10 Drawing Guides)                                      ($29.90 for 10 Drawing Guides) 

Base ten with multiplication                          Fraction Drawing Guide (1)

Place Value Cards                                            Modeling and Guided Practice Cards

(These are examples of the cards that are in the kits to support the intervention lessons) 

Place Value Cards                 Modeling and Guided Practice

Independent Practice Cards

Independent Practice Cards